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During your Coastal Biplane Tour, you'll wear authentic period style flying helmets and headsets,

Experience panoramic views and take "selfies" and photos that will be remembered for a lifetime.


  After your flight you'll receive a flight certificate with honorary membership into the Golden Propeller Club, signed by your pilot in command.


It's safe and fun for all ages!

Experience what over 40,000 excited passengers have, since 1995.


So strap in and let's take a spectacular flight along the Florida Gulf coast or Georgia's Golden Isles' coast.

Once you’ve decided which flight length is right for you, you are helped into the plane's deep front cockpit, where two passengers sit side by side.

With seat belts secure you are outfitted with your own ‘40's era flying helmet and headset.

Now that you're flight-ready, Phil starts the 220 horsepower engine, the propeller spinning so fast it is nearly invisible. You taxi down the runway and before you know it you are in the air.


During your flight, you'll have beautiful views of the islands and you may even see dolphin, sharks or schools of fish in the beautiful blue shallows.

Back at the airport, landing is as smooth as take-off... it’s hard to tell when the wheels touch the runway!

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